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A Pause with Tea and Hellebores   (Framed) 75x60cm Canvas

A Pause with Tea and Hellebores (Framed) 75x60cm Canvas


mixed media on canvas 2022


The more this piece evolved, the more it became about what I love, vintage pottery, tea and the marvellous spring hellebore, and as I always say, paint what you love and you’ll love what you paint, it is a particular favourite that looks fabulous in the plain black wooden float frame. I’ve added photos of it hanging in The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists exhibition and on a a blue wall in my home.

There are so so many layers, scraped and sanded to produce textures and marks that I’ve allowed to come forward and be main players. The bowl shows remnants of previous iterations, the history of the canvas, absolutely my favourite bit. I hope you like it too.

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