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Still Life by the Window

Still Life by the Window


Still Life by the Window 2022

100x100cm acrylic on deep edged canvas Not currently available - to be exhibited at the RBSA Friends Exhibition 12th Jan - 12 Feb 2023 RBSA Gallery Birmingham



One of my greatest inspirations is the late Mary Fedden; her work fills me with a joy that comes from from the realisation when I first saw her still life paintings, that you don't have to labour at a realistic interpretation of what you see, or more importantly, imagined.

I was describing Fedden's work to my art class and encouraging them to paint how they feel they want to paint, not how they thought they should paint. This led to an excursion to an exhibition of her work and the group's new passion for contemporary still life!

The melon in this piece clearly pays homage to my love of Fedden's work and an ongoing joy of painting my stuff, my clutter and whatever I have that I love.

Again there are many iterations to this piece, there are 2 landscapes that felt completey wrong and vast. This year has had some challenges and I've needed to feel safe and comforted by 'things, stuff'. I obliterated the previous attempts with warmth vibrant splashes of colour and this is what has created the hues to the fruit, plate and objects in the window. 


It is currently in my studio but I do know it looks fabulous on my Hague Blue wall!

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