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I Think I Might Cook 50x40cm Acrylic on Cradled Wooden Panel

I Think I Might Cook 50x40cm Acrylic on Cradled Wooden Panel


It's funny how a painting evolves from something else. I never plan anything and this one was once a vivid vase of crazy flowers that I just couldn't resolve. Every time I looked at it I knew it wasn't right so I turned it around and could see potential in the area that became the fish, they are parts of 2 flowers, the fruit came next and the bowl obviously. Look closely and you can see just what I mean. The composition grew because once I've found my focal point my brain creates a narrative that I run with, I haven't used props, it's all intuition and imagination, the subjects just found their way there because of this story in my head and they felt right. 


Once my composition is there, I use many layers of paint, ink pencils, and a bit of oil pastel, each is scraped and sanded to reveal the depth and textural qualities I'm looking for. There's hour upon hour of work to find that moment when it tells me it's done. It's completed with cold wax and buffed to the softest, smoothest sheen.


Created on a cradled wooden panel so it can be hung just as it is however I think it would look rather fabulous in a bespoke float frame, and I can arrange this for you if required.

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