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Little White Jug 72x59cm mixed media on MDF board

Little White Jug 72x59cm mixed media on MDF board


I started this piece in Spring 2023, in the garden avoiding packing the house to move. See the videos of the first few layers. Spontaneous mark-making led to the first iteration that never really felt right. I left it alone to contemplate and then autumn came, a new house, a feeling, new life and all that... and it felt ready to explore what it should become. The original bowl of trinkets became wild garlic, I can't explain why, it just did, it felt right. 

If you look closely and it's best in real life, you can see all the layers and all the texture. It's actually completely smooth though, as I take hours and hours to almost burnish the surface with my handy little metal clay scraper.

It again sat quietly on my studio wall, waiting. It waited until the day I grabbed a pencil and added the final bit, The Little White Jug. Then it was done.

It is finished with a cold wax buff and is ready for framing. I can arrange this locally if you need.

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