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3 Homegrown Raspberries 84x60cm

3 Homegrown Raspberries 84x60cm


84x60cm acrylic on wooden panel, ready to hang or frame.



I created this during a very hot week in July,  under a tree in the shade, next to my somewhat chaotic fruit and veg patch. I had a plate of my first homegrown raspberries with a slice of melon, a perfect still life with an old favourite vase and imagined sunflowers as this year's crop never appeared!


I applied multiple layers, scratched, scribbled and sanded back each as it evolved. On my Instagram there's a time lapse of the final layer in case you are interested, I couldn't decide whether to put the white layer on but I found the resulting distressed rather pleasing! 


I'm hoping you like it, it would make a fabulous statement on a kitchen wall!

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