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Last of the Apples 102x102cm Acrylic on canvas

Last of the Apples 102x102cm Acrylic on canvas


After 6 months away on the South Coast being part of the Katherine Richards collection, this large painting has returned ready to grace my new gallery at The Potter and The Painter. I instantly fell in love, it was one of those that got me, and it has been greatly appreciated by viewers, receiving recognition The Society of Women Artists, exhibiting at the prestigious Mall Gallery, London 2023.

As I looked out of my studio I could see my little apple tree amongst the tangle of a wild winter garden. It was the one tree we brought to our new house, we all have those attachments don’t we? Ones we want to capture forever? Inspiration is there, right in front of you.

The piece joined the collection of spontaneous paintings created in 2023 using a limited palette of burnt sienna, yellow oxide or ochre, Prussian blue, black and white. When I create, I play to see what happens with no planning, no sketching and no expectation - just allowing my layers of colour beneath to suggest the composition, to let me know what it wants to become. The tree was there waiting, the rest just evolved.

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