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Odd One 65x50cm acrylic and other bits on paper

Odd One 65x50cm acrylic and other bits on paper


I truly love this piece because creating it was wonderful as I don't often paint in the company of others. I spent a few hours with another creative and as we chatted and talked about our own processes I could see myself being influenced by her presence. Those flowers, for example, a spontaneous reaction to her application of paint, the dark moody background  - as a result of me talking about the importance of tonal contrast. It's an odd composition, but one I can't help looking at on my studio wall, I'm drawn in and it makes me happy. Why a fish? I have no idea, other than it came first because that particular area felt reminiscent of fish colouring, and everything else followed intuitively. Look closely and you can see how it's evolved from mark-making with inks and pencil, evident in the flower heads and lemons mostly, but always there adding depth. 


As I created this on beautiful Hahnemuhle acrylic paper, it requires framing, this can be arranged if requested. 

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