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3 Gulls, Many Boats and a Castle.

3 Gulls, Many Boats and a Castle.


100x100cm mixed media on canvas



This piece never intended to be this, which is why I do not start my day with any intention to paint a picture of something! If you look at my Instagram page back in May you'll see various attempts at capturing the Peak District and then by June I'd obliterated it in white acrylic using a kitchen spatula. shapes began to emerge and colour broke through the white creating something that I felt instantly connected to.


As a young impressionable girl, I spent a lot of time in and around the River Dart, South Devon, usually behaving disgracefully with other young people. I left my heart there and have many, many fond memories of sailing, partying and generally loving life. I hadn't ever considered attempting to capture the sight and smells of Dartmouth and Kingswear and it was quite a revelation when I could clearly see the river mouth and the castle in the background. The gull in the middle appeared first, the rest just seemed to evolve and show themselves to me. I have pondered for the last 4 months whether to progress this past my first scribbles but I feel that I would absolutely ruin the whole feel of the piece if I did. I love the freedom of the charcoal sketching, you can see how I found the shapes of the boats and sails within the marks the spatula made, with no intention to create them. The scale and perspective are irrelevant, it's an abstracted impression of my memories of the place and my hope is that somewhere, someone connects with it .


The charcoal and inktense scribbles are sealed with matte medium and finished with cold wax and it is ready to hang or frame if desired.

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