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 I am a contemporary artist based in the riverside town of Bewdley, Worcestershire - the heart of England! I work from my home studio, which is a little chaotic and crammed with my beloved vintage jugs and clutter I pick up along the way.

 Art gives me the space to be me, a messy, mildly chaotic rule-breaker.

This is my authentic self; I paint what I want when I want, and how I want. Painting this way nourishes me, and I paint passionately, often hours into the night. I do not plan or sketch, I just play. When I play there is no expectation, I just allow it to happen. Beauty is there somewhere, and once it reveals itself I can start to compose my abstracted scenes from everyday life, and this is what brings me joy. Painting simple life.


I'm hugely inspired by rule-breaking watercolour artist Shirley Trevena and the late contemporary artist Mary Fedden. Both continue to reassure me that my path is where I wish it to go, there are no rules. 

I teach that painting should bring happiness and joy, why else would you do it? I hope that I inspire others when I create and when I teach my classes.



​Katherine Richards Art Gallery

'Last of The apples', 'Moules' and 'These Fruit Make Perfect Jam' showing at:

Ending April 2024

Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Open Exhibition: Highly Commended​

"Through her sensitive application of paint and rich, vibrant colour palette, Ellis imbues this domestic scene with a feeling of softness and warmth throughout"- RBSA Judges Comments.

Past Exhibitions

Society of Women Artists Annual Open Exhibition at The Mall Galleries, London SW1​

The Brick Lane Gallery - 216 Brick Ln, Bethnal Green, London E1

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